Mexican Chicken Manicotti

I had never in my life had manicotti before. Strange, given that I love ricotta and pasta, but true. Anyway, I had this idea early last week of what I was going to make this past weekend, but by the end of the week I had no idea what. I kept trying to figure it out, but all I could remember was that I was going to make it for my mom and not eat any of it because I didn’t like whatever it was. So I busted out the Betty Crocker app and told it to surprise me, and Betty totally came through. Thus, my new idea was born. On a side note, while I was shopping for ingredients, I suddenly remembered I was going to make some sort of stuffed mushroom, so check back nest week if you’re into that.

This is not Betty’s recipe exactly, but here it goes:

  • Manicotti – rough estimate of 2 per person
  • Ricotta – fyi, it has a weird texture before you cook it if you’ve never used it
  • Chicken – or any meat, or no meat if you’re a vegetarian
  • Seasoning – of the taco variety, I didn’t use any **spoiler alert** but it needed something else
  • Peppers and onion – I used red and green bell peppers and white onion
  • Garlic – one clove smooshed with a knife should suffice
  • Salt and pepper – again, didn’t use them initially

All together

Cook the pasta the way it says on the box. The take everything else and mix it all together.

Be really carefully stuffing the filling into the pasta. Wet noodles are not your friend.

When they’re all stuffed, it’s time to top 🙂 Salsa first, then cheese. Lots of cheese….

Then you pop in the oven at 325 degrees, until hot, and enjoy 🙂 Mine were not fantastic. As you read earlier, I forgot a couple things, but it would certainly have been tastier if I hadn’t. But it was still pretty good 🙂


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